Chris Routledge Memorial Trophy

Donated by Life Member Brian Tink

Inaugurated in 1986-87 to honour the memory of Chris Routledge, who died in a fatal car crash just before Christmas 1986. Chris was an outstanding junior for the Club, and represented the ACT in Australian Championships at every age level: the Under 13s, Under 15s and Under 18s.

At Club level Chris won the Pat Jordan Memorial Trophy for most outstanding junior talent in 1979-80 and became a regular 1st Grade player as an 18 year old during the 1985-86 season.

So that his name would always be remembered, the Club endorsed a perpetual trophy in his honour, to be awarded each year. The simple criterion for the award is that the recipient love his or her baseball and gets and give enormous pleasure by the playing of it.


Year Awarded to
2018-19 Matthew Santa
2017-18 Takuma Arakawa
2016-17 Cooper Sheather
2015-16 Ben Whybrow
2014-15 Ruby Freer
2013-14 Patrick Bentley
2012-13 Michael Cali
2011-12 William Simkin
2010-11 Connor Campbell
2009-10 Ryan Chanez
2008-09 Mitchell Scott
2007-08 Tom Pratt
2006-07 Nick Archinal
2005-06 Brenton Daly
2004-05 Billy Chalker
2003-04 Brett Waslin
2002-03 Rogan Kilby
2001-02 Andrew Jones
2001-01 Craig Knudsen
1999-2000 Adam Moffitt
1998-99 Luke Jennings
1997-98 Ricky Hillman
1996-97 Nathan Wall
1995-96 Trevor Barker
1994-95 Gavin Jaensch
1993-94 Robert Homann
1992-93 Ben Ross
1991-92 Greg Dunnet
1990-91 Ian McNicoll
1989-90 Graeme Budd
1988-89 Scott English
1987-88 Brad Jeffery
1986-87 Ross Commons