Pat Jordan Memorial Trophy

Donated by Life Member Mark Stowers

Inaugurated in 1978-79 to honour the memory of Pat Jordan, who died in a freakish accident in February 1979. Pat was a great supporter of Baseball in the Newcastle area, where he was actively involved with the Carrington Baseball Club. He also played a major role in the development and encouragement of Junior baseball in our Club, organising annual visits of his junior teams to compete against ours in Canberra, or hosting our teams in their visits to Newcastle.

So that his name and work would always be remembered, the Club endorsed a perpetual trophy in his honour, to be awarded each year to its most promising junior player.

Year Awarded to
2018-19 Will Creighton
2017-18 William Page-Allan
2016-17 Will Simkin
2015-16 Darcy Franks
2014-15 Ella Callinan
2013-14 Sam Patton
2012-13 Connor Campbell
2011-12 Zachary Rauter
2010-11 Jordan Perry
2009-10 Isaac Hare
2008-09 Andrerw Slavich
2007-08 Curtis Johns
2006-07 Robbie Perkins
2005-06 Steve McKinnon
2004-05 Kyle Perkins
2003-04 Nathan Keaton
2002-03 Joe Anson
2001-02 Jason Baker
2001-01 Jason Baker
1999-2000 Luke Jennings
1998-99 Max Owens
1997-98 Robert Homann
1996-97 John Deady
1995-96 Lindon Edwards
1994-95 Dean Sintonen
1993-94 Owen Smith
1992-93 Ian McNicoll
1991-92 Brad Sherer
1990-91 Anthony Fordham
1989-90 Scott English
1988-89 Brad Jeffery
1987-88 Chris Hansen
1986-87 Michael Alberts
1985-86 Steven Commons
1984-85 Chris Coles
1983-84 Robert Radford
1982-83 Dene Lewthwaite
1981-82 John Boothby
1980-81 Michael Reed
1979-80 Chris Routledge
1978-79 Peter Yates