Rebels 60th Anniversary 2018


I am very honoured to represent this great club, the Rebels Baseball Club, as President and in
particular in such an auspicious year.

This book has been produced to celebrate the last ten years since the enormity of the 50th year
celebrations in 2008. New members in the last ten years though, will benefit from the history of those
first fifty years. Much has happened over the last ten years and I am proud to have served on the
Committee for much of that time. I will not focus on individual events, but leave that to be seen
through the content of this booklet.

On behalf of the club I would, however, like to especially acknowledge the members of the Rebels
Baseball Club and extended family who have passed away over the past 10 years. The memories of
these and all other fallen Rebels members who are not with us today (see Gone But Not Forgotten,
Page 10) warrant a special place in our history and I ask readers to take the time to reflect and give
thanks for the times we had with them and the great memories that we cherish.

The Rebels Baseball Club is now a very different club to that which commenced in 1958, or even to
that which was celebrated in 2008. However, the spirit of the club hasn’t changed and this spirit from
its inception has delivered the club we have today, 60 years on.

I invite all members of Rebels and its extended community to celebrate this year, and look to the
future of our great Baseball Club and good times as the Rebels Baseball family.

Paul Campbell

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