2018 - 19 Online Registrations - NOW OPEN


Select the following link to register with Rebels for the 2018 - 19 season


Click here to email us with any questions about Registration

Recommended browsers to use when registering online include: Chrome, Modzilla, Firefox & Safari


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Registration is now available!

I’ve put together a list of tips and help on registering below – if you do have any concerns please contact me ASAP.

  • Recommended browsers to use when registering online include: Chrome, Modzilla, Firefox and Safari.
  • The link will take you to a page where you will have to logon – logon will be your email address.
  • If this is the first time you've registered for baseball you will have to create a logon - follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Once logged in you will be able to register yourself or someone else.
  • When registering a player (either yourself your someone else) the system will look at your date of birth and present you with valid options for your age/group e.g. born before 31/8/2000 will be presented with Senior options only and a date of birth between 1/9/20010 and 31/8/2012 will be presented with Machine Pitch options. Select the valid option.
  • In some cases, multiple ‘optional’ registration fees will be visible e.g. a Junior playing Senior League (U17) will also be presented with the option to select Junior Playing Seniors. Where that player wants to play Seniors as well, they should select Junior Playing Seniors and the additional registration fee will be added to the total amount payable.
  • Registration fees are constructed with 3 components (this has always been the case but the fees are now completely transparent):
  • Australian Baseball component
  • Baseball Canberra component
  • Club component
  • When registering you will be able to see each of the registration fee components.

To be fully registered for Rebels you MUST ensure that all 3 components have been selected and paid for.


Please Note: Registering as a volunteer incurs NO charge

  • The same company that has provided the online registration system has created a mobile app called "GameDay" which is used in other amateur sports to organise fixtures and game results. If you have registered an account with the GameDay app, then please use those login details with the Rebels registration form and this should give you access. 


  • For those who are getting an "OAuth" or other errors when logging in there are a few steps that I will need you to try in succession until you gain access. For the tech savvy the problems seem to stem from how the platform supplies and validates cookies so the following steps are aimed at bypassing or resolving those issues.

Step 1: Please try to log in using a different web browser. I have had feedback saying that Google Chrome works the best for this system but if you do not wish to download and install a new browser then using a device with a different web browser then the one you are currently using may work. 

Step 2: Try opening the link in a private browsing window, a relatively easy process – details below:

  • Firefox: Right click on the link in the previous email and select "Open Link in New Private Window"
  • Safari (Apple): Same process as Firefox. For touchscreen devices hold your finger down over the link for 3 seconds and you will see a drop-down menu display – in the options list there will be the option to open the link in a private window.
  • Google Chrome: Open a new window and press Ctrl+Shift+N. When private browsing is active go back and copy and past the registration form link.
  • For the tech savvy or foolishly adventurous. As mentioned above the issues seem to stem from how the cookies are validated by the website. The most foolproof way to mitigate these issues is to purge both your cookies and web cache. I do understand it is not ideal but it is the best way to fix the issues.   


  • Please Note: By purging your web cache and cookies you will lose your saved usernames and passwords for other sites. Please ensure you copy down your login details for those sites as you will no longer be automatically signed in when you visit them.

NOTE: We will be running reports etc to make sure registrations are correct – so if you do have a problem or have registered using the incorrect fee we will be able to see it and fix it up for you.

 For further information please send us an email.

 Email us with your query

2018-19 Fee Structure 


Registration Fee





 Junior playing seniors




 Senior League (U17)


 Junior League (U15)


 Little League Major (U13)


 Little League Minor (U11)


 Machine Pitch (U9)


 T-Ball (U7)



No fee


Rebels Uniforms



2016-17 Women & Senior Uniforms


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