Rebels Host Families for Import Players

Hi Everybody.


I want to talk about host families for our import players.

Every year the club searches its extensive networks across the globe for players to bring to Rebels to support our 1st Grade Team. In past years we have seen players come from as far away as the US, Canada and the Netherlands join our club for the summer.

The club asks for families who may be able to assist with accommodation for these players for some or all of the time between October and March.

All imports come with an agreed code of behaviour between themselves and the host family, and I will arrange for you to speak with them on the phone or skype before arrival to talk through any details, including arrangements regarding any rent if necessary. In addition I will arrange a review point with all parties 3 weeks after arrival, if things aren’t working out we will make alternate arrangements.

Families who have hosted imports in the past speak highly of the experience, I’d be happy to arrange for you to speak with past host families if you need any further convincing. Click here to view the FAQ prepared by Marty Hillery a few seasons ago.


What are the benefits of hosting an import player?

Apart from providing the club with much needed assistance, there are other benefits to you and your family for hosting an import player.

You will have a friend to visit on the other side of the world.

Over the years many Rebels host families have gone on to travel and visit their imports in their home towns. It’s a great reason to travel the world, and meet the families of those you have hosted. Some have even gone on to play baseball in the US with the player they hosted.

You get first hand access to a semi-pro athlete.

Do you have an aspiring young athlete in your house? Hosting an import provides your aspiring athletes a unique opportunity to see how the elite do it, how they train, what they eat for breakfast, etc.

Please consider hosting one of our import players this season, also if you know of any other possible accommodation options amongst your family and friends please let me know.




Simon Adamson
VP Seniors
Rebels Baseball Club


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