2018-19 President's Welcome

Hi all

My name is Mark Jensen and I have been elected as President of the Rebels Baseball Club and I look forward to serving our Club going into the future. According to my father, I started playing for this club at the age of 7, circa 1966. Since that time, I have played around 40 seasons with the Club and probably can’t see myself giving up anytime soon.

I would like to welcome all Rebels Baseball Club players, coaches, supporters, scorers, umpires and sundry volunteers for the upcoming 2018-19 season. And what a season it promises to be. We are celebrating our 50th year of Junior Baseball, a feat that maybe only one other club in Canberra can attest to. This follows on from Rebels 60th last year.

I would also like to welcome back Junior Vice President Paul Allen, Senior Vice President Mick Patton, Treasurer Maree Hillery, Secretary Julie Chynoweth, and Registrar Kerrin Santa and all the rest of the people who put their hand up every week to help the club out such as Ian and Chris Homann (Stats man and Scorers coordinator) and other committee like volunteers Moose (Martin Hillery) and Garry Chynoweth.

I would also like to thank outgoing committee persons Paul Campbell for his sterling efforts as President for the past 5 years, including presiding over the 60th anniversary celebrations. Bryan Wilson for his efforts as Social Director. Much of the success we have had over the past few years can be attributed to the selfless work of previous committees.

After winning the Baseball Canberra Junior Club Championship in 2017-18, I am confident we can duplicate that effort while also striving to improve the standard of baseball and baseballers across the Club.

The committee is putting the hard yards in to ensure Rebels celebrate the anniversary of 50 years of Junior Baseball in South Canberra. From our early start we grew and at one stage had 13 Junior sides running around. We have produced 6, or so, Australian Representatives and have ex-Rebel Juniors now playing for the Cavalry. Our grounds have changed from places like Dickson Playing fields, Melba, Ainslie Oval and various spots around North Curtin. Other things have changed as well with 9 kids in the back of an HR station wagon probably not on these days.

Rebels Junior program is still producing good results with the following players being selected for representative duties and doing us proud:

Little League Major – U13

Junior League - U15

AYC -U16

AYC -U18

Nate Quigg

Huon Apps

Darcy Franck

Cooper Sheather

Ashley Patton

Will Creighton

Sam Patton

Will Simkin

Reegan Smith

Darcy Franks


Tom Symonds

Corey Fordham

Caleb Garvin




Will Page-Allen




I encourage all Juniors to aspire for representative duties. You’ll never know where it could take you.

Rebels are organising to have a 50th Junior Gala Day in early December playing against the other oldest Club in Canberra, Ainslie.

With the Seniors starting on the weekend of 6 October and Juniors a couple of weeks later, it is time to start rolling the old arm over and preparing for the coming season. Pre-season training will begin on the Sunday 26th August with Juniors training from 14.00 – 15.30, and Seniors from 14.30 – 16.00. Let’s always remember that Baseball is a game where the effort you put in at training will be repaid in spades on the field.

Rebels will be again hosting a couple of imports across the coming season. We have leveraged off last seasons 1st Grade Coach Will Nahmens to help us find good ball players who will also fit in to the family atmosphere we have at Rebels. Having hosted 4 imports since 2006, our family has enjoyed the Interaction, learning about another person’s history, culture and you even learn about baseball from well trained players. I encourage all players, parents and supporters to consider hosting an import. If you are considering hosting an import, please speak to Mick Patton and I am sure he will be able to provide some information on the players, and inducements that the Club is willing to offer. Remember that the imports will have access to a car (thanks Mick) and can get themselves to training, games and work.

Rebels have decided to keep our fees where they were from last season. The registration process will also be as last year with SportsTG being used for registration, payment and code.  We will have a link to SportsTG on the club website once we have completed the administration process. The Club is actively looking at sponsorship deals with further details coming out in the near future.

Yours in Baseball


Mark Jensen


Rebels Baseball Club